January 19, 2012

Cafe Yur Wey

Everyday I pass this little coffee shop on my way home......I always snickered at the name of it, Cafe Yur Wey...what is that?! I do what always do, walk pass and go straight home.

Three Weeks Passed....

I'm in my office and I here two of my case workers talk about the good time they had at Cafe Yur Wey, they didn't get into too much detail but from the way they were carrying on you would've thought they served dick on a platter with all types of fruits and umbrella drinks. The laughter and the hype made me curious to find out what that place was all about, hmmm....I think I'm going to make a stop and be a little nosey.

It's 8:00pm and I'm filing my last folder for the night, hubby and kids are ordering out...which is perfect. I grabbed my jacket & bag, locked my office and headed towards the elevator. I'm anxious to get to the cafe and it seems as if the elevator is taking too damn long to reach the lobby. Ding, the elevator bell rings and I rush out of the elevator and walk fast to the cafe.

What is wrong with me? I ask myself....the thought of something mysterious had my mind racing!

I finally reach the cafe and I proceed to go in....................... OMG, I don't believe my eyes! Who on earth would've thought this place would be so beautiful and relaxed inside. I feel like I just walk into another universe.

The walls are a soft earthy tone of green, the lights are at a soft setting. Each table has navy blue table clothes on the with matching napkins to match. The coffee cups are green with blue circles designed on it. The sofa's were navy blue with green pillows on it. The whole place was warm and calm.

I sat down on the sofa and being to make myself comfortable. A young lady walks over and says..."Welcome to Cafe Yur Wey, how may I help you today"? I replied....hello this my first time here and I don't know what to order, do you have a menu? she giggled and said...Oh we have plenty of menus for virgins. she handed me a menu and said "Take all the time you need". Virgin! My cherry was busted a long time ago, do she not see this rock on my finger especially the married hand. Anywhoo....I opened the menu and I was like what kind of place is this!

The menu didn't state with it was food or drinks it just said.... Calm Chocolate, Sexy Swirl, Best OF Both Worlds, Spanish Fly, Mandingo, Beef Thief, and lastly....Snowman. What in the world is going on? I felt a little daring so I waved my hand to get the waitress attention, she came over and said "What do you desire"? I replied....let me try Calm Chocolate. "Perfect choice for a virgin" she replied. You're order will be out in a minute.

I took off my jacket, and laid on my bag.....the smooth sound of Jill Scott coming surrounding the cafe. As I placed my eyes back in front of me, I see this tall, dark man walking up to me wearing a white shirt and black pants.

Hello and welcome to Cafe Yur Wey.....how are you today? He asked. I'm fine, just a little tired but it's cool. That's good. He sits next to me and we started talking about all kinds of stuff, we did eat food finally and had a few drinks. Before you knew it was after 11pm.....Oh shit it's time for me to go! I said....he looked kinda surprised but laughed and said..." It's cool, did you have a good time at least"? Oh you made my night, this place is the bomb! But if you don't mind, explain to me what this place is all about. "Of course, do you have a few minutes to spare"? Sure go ahead...explain.

Cafe Yur Wey is a place where women or men can come and have a good time, now what makes us this different than the rest of the cafes, you customize your order the way you want it. The waitress gave you a menu of choices, those choices are men. If you want to add something different that's when you ask for a special request. But in your case your chose Calm Chocolate, and I know that's different from your husband. Women always something the opposite of their spouse or significant other. When you come here, you get what you desire at that time. Did I answer your question? Oh you sure did! Well it's time for me to go, where do I pay? Oh don't worry about it this is on me, I know we will see each other again. Oh really, you're confident aren't you? Yes, yes I am....well you have a good night and get home safely. I sure will and I will see you soon.

I rushed out of the cafe and floated down the street, I felt like I was walking on air! Maybe I should treat myself every once in a while. Cafe Yur Wey is actually Cafe Your Way. Now that's some slick shit right there. I must call my bff and tell her about this.

To be continued......................................

This story is copy written by the owner B.Kashmere