August 9, 2008


Damn I have to get this off my chest, I’m feelin three guys that I want to fuck. I’m trying to figure out a way to tell them without exposing myself. Hmmm….., I got it! I’ll just write them a letter. That’s the only way I can get their attention and keep them on their toes.
My life is so boring right now and I have to spice it up! I love my boyfriend, but he’s not doing anything to bring back the spark in our relationship. I guess if you want something done you have to do it yourself.
I turn on my computer and began to write my letters to the men that will be my victims. Yes, I’m going make these men my sexual slaves.

Dear Phinese,
You might think this is a little strange, but I just want to let you know how I feel about you. I’ve known you for three years and I never had the heart to confront you face to face. We are both in situations, you have a wife and I have a boyfriend but that doesn’t change the way I feel about you. Every time I come to the club and see you guarding the door, my panties become wet! All I think about is taking you in the bathroom and give you a good fuck! Damn, just thinking about sneaking around with you turns me on! I just want the chance to show you that I can be more than a friend. I’m not trying to steal you away from wifey, I just want some of what she’s getting!
If you’re curiosity is getting the best of you, that means you want to know who I am. All you have to do is meet me at the Double Tree hotel right off the conduit. Expenses will be paid for, be there at exactly 10pm. I’ll be in room 300. See you there baby!
Secret lover

Ok that’s one down two more to write. I hit the print button and proceed to write the second letter.

Dear Leonidas,
I’m always coming into your restaurant and order my favorite lunch. When I’m sitting there eating my food, I imagine us on the table doing sensual things to each other! I would love to such your dick with whip cream on top. I never had a Greek man before and I want you to be the first. I don’t know if you have someone in your life and it doesn’t matter to me at all! I want you bad! I have to have you! I want you to feel this chocolate pussy on your dick. Just think for a moment, I’m on top of you going up and down, moving in circular motions, squeezing my pussy on your joy stick! Ok that’s enough, I painted a picture for you now do something for me.
I’ll be waiting for you at the Double tree hotel Friday night at 11pm. Go to room 300. Can’t wait to see you!
Blazin Chocolate

I have one more letter to complete my mission. I’m such a scandalous bitch!

Dear Carlos,
Hey boo! What’s poppin? I’m not gonna beat around the bush!
Since I was 16 years old, I had a major crush on you! I want you bad papi! I missed you while you were locked up, now that you’re home, I have a gift for you. The only way for you to get it is to meet me. I’m a grown ass woman that knows what she wants. I’ll be waiting for you on Friday at 12pm at the Double Tree hotel (the one your mom use to work at), come to room 300. I’ll be waiting for you.
Mocha Caliente

I hit the print button again to print out the two letters. I put them together and place them in the envelopes. I will mail these on my way to work tomorrow. I’m not nervous, but I am excited! I can’t wait for this to go down.
My reservations are in place, all I have to do is just go there early Friday afternoon and turn the room into a pleasure palace.

Lets Get This Party Started
I just got off work and I’m getting my bag packed and ready for tonight’s hook up. My heart is beating fast and my hands are sweating. I need a drink to calm me down. I walk over to the my bar and pour me a drink. Mmmm… it’s nothing better than a shot of Hennessey going down with no chaser, that’ll do the trick for now. I’m not a drinker, so a shot will put me in a mellow state of mind.
My front open and I hear keys rattling. “Babe I’m home!” oh shit its Matthew (my boyfriend). “What the hell is he doing here so early?” I said to myself. “Hey honey, I’m in the bedroom.” I yelled out. He came in the room and gave me a kiss. He had a Olive Garden bag and the food smelled good. “Oh what’s this you got here?” I asked jokingly. “I thought I’ll stop and get some dinner, so we can stay in and have a romantic dinner tonight.” “Aw that sounds sweet but I have to go out tonight and help a friend of mine get ready for her party. Why didn’t you tell me you had plans boo?” “Well, I thought I would surprise you. I didn’t know you had plans.” “I tell you what, why don’t you spend the night. I’ll take a shower while you set up the table for dinner. We could eat early and have drinks. When I get back form helping my friend, I’ll give you a dessert you’ll never forget.” I said while nibbling on his ear. “That sounds like a plan baby!” he replied as he rubbed my ass. The touch of his hands let me know that he wanted a sample before I got in the shower.
I unbuckled his belt and put my hand in his pants. I started to jerk and massage his dick. That turned him on more and more. He removed my hand and pushed me on the bed. He pulled down my pants along with my panties and commenced to fucking me. He gave it to me good, but there’s a down fall to his fucking. After five hard pumps, he explodes! This is very aggravating! Before I can get into it, he cums and it’s a done deal for him. This gave more gusto to go do my thing tonight. One of these men have to give me what I’m looking for sexually. I can’t deal with this five pump shit any longer. I’m gonna let all of my freakiness out on these men, I hope they can handle it!
I go in the bathroom and leave my sorry ass lover on the bed snoring. I’m glad he had fun because it did nothing for me. I pin up my hair, turn on the shower, brush my teeth and turn down the light. Yes we have a light switch that turns up and down. I always use the low light for my showers, it makes me feel relaxed. I step in my warm shower and lather my body with peppermint soap. After I lather up a couple times and rinse off, I scrub down with Rosalyn Scent green tea exfoliating scrub. It works wonders, I absolutely love it. It leaves me feeling soft and rejuvenated. I rinsed and now I’m ready to get sexy.
I come out the bathroom in my towel and he is still sleeping. All I could is shake my head. He act as if he put in work. Anyway, I oil down and sprayed some of man catcher perfume on (of course Rosalyn Scent products) and threw on my black wrap around dress. I took down my hair, and comb it all going back and put my gold Panamanian hair clip in. I look at my watch and it’s 8:00pm. Damn time waits for no one. I grab my bag and head out the door, leaving ole boy in dream land.
I jump in my car and headed over to the hotel. I’ll be there in no time. I don’t live to far from there anyway. I turn on the radio and jammed to 98.7 kiss fm.
It took me no more than twenty minutes to reach my destination. I have a special parking space that I’m secure with and keeps my car from being noticed. I put on my lipstick and turn off my cell phone. I don’t want to be disturbed by anyone. I get out the car, fix my dress and reach in and get my freak bag. I closed the door and press my lock button on my key chain and head into the hotel.
I walk up to the guest desk and handle my business. “Hey girl, did any confirmations come in yet?” I asked. “Yes and all three has confirmed. Girl, you are a hot mess you!” She replied jokingly. “You didn’t know? I was born a hot mess!” we both laughed and I walked to the rooms. I go into room 300 to set up my sensual theme. I covered both beds in pink and red roses. I the handcuffs on the night stand, I filled the room with red strawberry scent candles. I place the baby wipes in the bathroom, just in case they need to clean up. I lit all the candles and turned off the lights, I did a great job hooking up this room. I made sure everything was and in place and I left the room.
My room is next door and Chanel (girl from the guest desk) will call me when my first victim is here, which is soon. She would lead him to the room and let him. I change into my red sheer lingerie and put on my red stilettos. I guzzle my shot bottle of Bacardi lime and laid on the bed. I’m starting to feel relaxed and freaky. I’m definitely gonna get my freak on tonight.
Ten minutes later I get a phone call and it’s Chanel. “I’m bringing him now.” “Ok thank you, Oh when the rest of them come just send them to the room and tell them to knock three times. I don’t want to over work you.” “Oh ok, thanks for being considerate.” we both chuckled for a moment and hung up the phone. I immediately got up and raced out the door. I dodged in the other room so quickly that I was surprised at myself, for moving so fast.
Mmmm… the room smells nice and I’m ready to fuck! The aroma had overwhelmed me and became horny instantly. I sit on the bed and wait for my victim to come in. The opens slowly and Phinesse walks in. “Hello, I’m here!” he said in a low tone. “I’m here too. Come in and remove your clothes and lay on the bed when your done!” I was in control and I wanted him to do whatever I commanded for him to do! He did exactly what I told him to do. I climbed on the bed and straddled him. “I’m so glad it’s you. You had my brain scrambling all week!” “Shhh.. We have time to talk, all I want to do is fuck!” It felt so good to be in control!
I started to jerk his hard thick dick slowly. My pussy juice is starting to run down, I climbed on top and fucked the shit out of him! He held on to my waist tightly. I can feel him thrust his dick more and more. He was in my guts and I enjoyed it. He began to get rough and flipped me over like a fucking pancake! Now he’s on top and fucking me like I stole something! “Damn you got some good pussy!” he shouted. “Come on cum for daddy!” “Oh baby fuck me harder! Beat it up baby! Give it to me papi!” Oh my god, fuck me you chocolate mother fucker! He gave my pussy the ultimate beat down! Ole boy needs to take lessons from him like yesterday.
Within ten minutes I came so hard that tears rolled down my cheek. “Yeah baby that’s what I’m talking about! Damn I didn’t know you could fuck like that boy!” “I get the job done!” he said calmly. I look at the time and go in the bathroom to freshen up.
I came out and he was still on the bed undress. I didn’t mind at all. His body was eye candy for me and I enjoyed looking at it. Everything about him is sexy, from his eyes to his feet. This brother definitely has it going on to the tenth power!
The phone rings and I immediately pick it up. “Hello” I answered. “Hey it’s me, we have a situation. Both men are her now. What do you want me to do?” “Well since they’re early, just send them in.” “Ok, just checking.” I hung up the phone and walked to the door. Both men are standing their in confusion and they both look good! I invite them in.
Leonidas and Carlos walk in and see Phinese in bed butt as naked. “What’s going on?” Carlos asked. I started to explain myself. “This is a private party. I invited three men to this hotel that I wanted to fuck and have a good time with. I already fucked Phinese and now I want you and Leoanidas. This is my fantasy that I want to fulfill and you guys should be happy that you’re apart of it. So if you feel uncomfortable this is your chance to leave now. If you want this pussy and you’re to fuck, well you know what to do!” Carlos and Leonidas started to take off their clothes. While they’re doing that I laid on the second bed and open my legs, exposing my bare pussy to them. Phinese jumps out the other bed and dives his face into my kitty. His tongue game is on point and I’m enjoying the pleasure. Leonidas walks over and puts his dick in my mouth and Carlos startes to suck my breast. I hit the jackpot tonight!
I had my way with all three men and they had their way with me. It was fun fucking all three of them and I must say these weren’t any minute men. If I was to get pregnant I wouldn’t know who will be the father of the child, but I have nothing to worry about because I’m practicing safe sex and having the time of my life.
Four hours had passed and we’re just finishing our sex party. Everyone is getting dressed and cleaning up the room. I sat down and waited for them to leave.
Carlos and Phinese leave first, they both gave me hug and kiss my cheek. “This was a beautiful night, keep in touch.” Phinese whispered in my ear. Carlos waits for his turn. “I’m glad I had the chance to give you something special. If you ever need anything, just send a letter.” we both laughed and embraced each other for a moment. He leaves and now it’s just Leonidas here with me. I noticed he’s looking at me, like he wants to tell me something.
“Is everything ok?” I asked out concern. “Yes, I just want to tell you something.” “Oh ok, I’m all ears.” I sat on the bed and gave him my undivided attention. “It’s clear that I didn’t know you had these type of feelings for me and I’m cool with it. Well, I have feelings for you too, but mine are stronger and deeper. What I’m trying to tell you is that I’m in love with you. I’ve been in love with you for a long time. I didn’t want to tell you in front of the other guys, that’s’ why I waited until they were gone.” I couldn’t believe my ears! I respect the fact he told me this, but damn we can’t get into nothing serious. Wow, this is some wild shit right here! I keep my cool and began to tell him how I feel. “That took a lot of courage to just come and tell me this now. I really respect your feelings, but I have someone that I’m in a relationship with and I’m ready to let it go right now. I am attracted to you and I think you’re a very sexy guy. We can be friends for now. I hope I didn’t hurt your feelings.” “No, I’m cool with how you feel. I would love to be your friend. I hope we have the opportunity to be together again, just us. If you should ever need someone to talk to or a hang out buddy, you know where to find me.” “I’m so glad you understand and of course this isn’t the last time you’ll see me.” “Ok it’s settled! I have to go and I’ll see you soon.” he leaned down and gave me a kiss that sent chills through my body. I wanted to grab him and fuck him again while I had the chance. I’ll see him again and this time I’ll have him all to myself. I guess writing these letters turned out good after all.