August 28, 2008

Fuck Buddy

Leon and I have been friends for 10 years we work at the same job, and we talk about everything.We also do special favors for each other, like when I need a good fuck, I call him to satisfy my needs; damn He does a good job!We are both single and are not ready to be in a relationship at the moment. He always tells me how sexy I am and the way I speak Spanish to him while we're fucking drives him crazy.One night it was raining and I couldn't sleep, so I called Leon to see if he would come and please me like he always does. The phone rings about three times and he finally answers. "Hey girl what's up?" "Nothing much! I just couldn't sleep." "I know what you want! I'll be down stairs in a minute." That's my boy! He knows what I need and is ready to give it to me.
The bell rings and I go and open the door. He has on his lounge pants and no shirt on. His body is nice and tight! That made me wet! He goes straight in the bedroom and I follow behind him.I lay down and he laid over me the opposite way (69). As he licks my pussy I deep throat his dick.
He has a thick dick! I took it all in and taste so good! I was really enjoying myself. The feeling became so intense. I shouted "Aye Dios Mio!" I came so hard that my chest started to hurt. I continued to suck his dick and shortly after me, his cum filled my mouth. It's so sweet and swallowed it all.He flipped me over and started fucking me doggy style. Papi got a fat dick with a huge head. The tip of his dick swells up every time we fuck. I love it when he goes deep. Again, I get loud."Rapido papi!" Chulo had it going on! We both reached our climax. We were so loud that I thought the neighbors had heard us.But I didn't care! I was getting my fuck on! We talked for a while about work and who's fucking who on the job.
About an hour later I told him that its time for him to go home and get ready for work. He agreed. He kisses me softly on my lips and said "See you at work!" I replied "Ok sweetie!" I smiled as I locked the door and returned to my bedroom. My body was tired but it was worth it. Maybe one day we will be together as a couple, but as for right now I am enjoying him as my fuck buddy.

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