August 28, 2008

Old School Crush

I woke up early to check my email.I logged into my cafe-space page. I have a bunch of messages from friends and clients. I noticed I have a friend request. I opened the page and it's a guy with most beautiful eyes I've ever seen requesting to my friend. "Of course we can be friends", I thought to myself. I approved his friendship.
I began to look on his page to see what this guy was all about. I looked into his pictures. I saw that we knew the same people and went to the same Public School. I came across one of his pictures that had a clear visual of his face. "Oh my god, I know this guy!" I said out loud, lucky for me I was home alone. I couldn't believe I found an old school crush online.
I sent him a note explaining to him who i was and that i knew him. Later on that day he wrote back. He said, "Hey Miss, I know you too. How you been? i see you're doing big things now. Keep in touch." It was a very short and to the point note.
I wrote him back answering his questions. This episode went on for a few days. I got up enough nerve to reveal my secret. In the next letter, i wrote and explained to him that I had a major crush on him back in the day. Just by writing this letter I got all hot and bothered. I wanted to rekindle a flame that I never got the chance to light. I was willing to have an affair with him. All I need is one night with him.
I poured my heart out in the letter, I pryed hard that he didn't diss me.
I checked my messages later on that night and he answered me back. I was nervous to open it, but I did. Come to find out he felt the same way. He left me his number to call him. I immediately called him. Yes, I was opened!
We talked for awhile and set up a date to meet later on that night. I took out my freak dress & shoes. I wanted to see what he missed out on.
Finally, we met up with each other and it was like an instant connection. We hugged each other and I kissed him passionately. (I had to bend down a little because he's kind of short) We both knew what time it was. We went to the hotel and it was on and poppin! He fucked me very well! All i can say is big things come in small packages. We went at it for 2 hours straight. I was curious about him anyway and he killed all that.
After our freak session he took me home. I didn't want him to leave, but i had no choice. Just looking at him put me in a spell. His eyes are gorgeous and his eyelashes makes them stand out. His sexiness was killing me. I had to get away from him instantly. I kissed him goodnight and got out the car. He waited until I was inside my building before he drove off.
How can someone be so loving and caring now, when in grade school he was a pain in the ass. I'm just glad he grew out of it. He is a real man now. I just wish he could be all mine.
Who would of thought that the opportunity of getting with an old school crush would ever come true.

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